Always There, Part 1 of the Series: He Shows Up

No matter where you go or where you serve there is one thing that always remains the same. You again and again see the love, faithfulness, and provision of God. He is always there. He speaks to those who are open and ready to hear. He leads you into situations that will grow your faith and trust in Him. He leaves you changed and often He will change you more than those you encounter. Whether it’s asking God to speak to your future, asking for signs for what is next - Man, does He come through with a sign that can only be explained as something from Him! 

In my recent experiences, it was the story of no water flowing into the house that you are supposed to teach in that day. The women at the house having so much faith to said, "Let’s pray it in!" What happens after we prayed, the water comes rushing in! Or when a woman fell, hurting her ankle and the pain and swelling start to come. It’s when people pray, see no change but decide to pray again full of faith that God will heal and next the swelling and pain leave! Again and again we see the love He has for his people and the moments that build your faith more than you ever expected.  
You see, I am a missionary, people often ask me, "Why do you go?" My answer is always because of stories like these that I have experienced. When God teaches me, grows me and speaks to me in ways I never saw coming. When I look up and see it’s not a dream but in fact real life -that God is so faithful and loves me so much that He will show me more of Himself and more of the heart He has for His people. When I pray the prayer for God to break my heart for what breaks His and He does so in the most caring and gently of ways. When He not only shows me but also begins to give me dreams and ideas of ways that I can make a change. So why do I go? I go because I don’t want to say no to these life altering and life giving experiences.