Pray in the Wait, Part II of the Series: He Shows Up

I have been waiting on God all my life, but never really understood how to be truly blessed by God with waiting on Him. I have seen many verses and listened to author videos that mentioned bible verses talking about waiting on God. They caught my attention for sure. I thought well, I have in a roundabout way been waiting on God, but still continued to make myself sick about situations I have no control over. 

So, I decided to pray a few months ago and let God that I know He provides for those who abide in Him. I was worrying I would have to dip into the savings I had put away and whether I would be able to give freely like I had in the past to important causes. (One very dear to me that I have been waiting to give to for over 6 months!)

I have been waiting on a deal to close at work for a long time, a bizarre length of time to close a deal in my line of work. This is a critical close for me and God knows I'm waiting on Him....Well, in typical God fashion I received a call the day after my birthday from my mom's attorney.... and the same amount of money I have been waiting on for the past 6 months- God blessed me with - the same day the deal was supposed to happen!

I normally don't share things so openly, but for those that are waiting on God I felt I needed to share this testimony...My friend-continue to get on your knees and don't lose faith. Give your desire to God and wait for His answer no matter how long it will be. He blesses His children.....I am so very grateful that God blessed us because the bills were due- He restores and blesses His children!